TorScan v0.33


Updated PGP Key for 2016/2017
Added secondary XMPP Address
Changed compression format to ZIP

Disabling ‘Verbose’ should actually be less verbose now
Various code optimizations

Specific support improved for: SMB

Sends/Detects SMBv1 Negotiate Protocol Request/Response
Sends/Detects SMBv1 Session Request/Response
Currently can detect OS on SMB for
Win2k, WinXP, Win7, Win2k3, Win2k8 and Unix based Samba 2.x-4.x systems
(Might not detect all variants – Currently using observed variants.)

Added LDAP, SOCKS Scan prefix
Added ‘Show Hex’ option
Added ‘Custom Hex’ option

Specific support added for: SMB, Any with Custom Hex

SMB: Sends SMBv1 Connect request

Added HTTPS, SMB, RPC, MSSQL, RADMIN Scan prefix
Added Ticker

Fixed bug in Port->HexPort calculation
Added POP3, IMAP, VNC, MYSQL Scan prefix
Sending CRLF is now optional

Specific support added for: POP3

POP3: Lists supported AUTH types

First Release
Currently has specific support forfollowing protocols: FTP, SSH, HTTP

FTP: Returns banner, MOTD and checks Anonymous login
SSH: Checks banner, Does protocol handshake, Returns partial KEXINIT string
HTTP: Preforms HTTP 1.0 GET / request

For all other protocols will send CRLF on connect and hope something comes back.

Protocol currently determined by dest port, protocol detection is planned for future builds

Download VTSTech-TorScan-032.rar