32hex v0.49/v0.36 | 40hex v0.01

Windows version

Download VTSTech-32hex-049.zip

Python versions

Uses PassLib https://pypi.python.org/packages/source/p/passlib/passlib-1.6.2.tar.gz

Download VTSTech-32hex.py-036.rar

VTSTech-32hex.py Pictorial Changelog

VTSTech-32hex.py Pictorial Changelog (v0.35)

Uses PassLib https://pypi.python.org/packages/source/p/passlib/passlib-1.6.2.tar.gz

Download VTSTech-40hex-001.rar

Updated PGP Key for 2016/2017
Added secondary XMPP Address
Changed compression format to ZIP

Added RAdmin v2.x
Added Audible Recovery Notification (Ding)
Now supports various HashType modes
-All Hash Types
-Only MD5 Based
-Only MD4 Based
-RAdmin v2x

Only MD5 Based still checks 1 iteration of MD4 for MD5(MD4())
Only MD4 Based still checks 1 iteration of MD5 for MD4(MD5())
Single Hash mode disabled.

Added NTLM
Slightly faster (3khash/sec increase for me)
Now displays first round of hashes even with ‘Show Hashes’ unchecked
Should support moderately large Hashlist.txt/Passwords.dat
In testing worked with 10MB hashlist and 2MB passlist
Various code optimizations

Darkened UI slightly
Now displays progress
Now displays color coded % progress
Added Prevent UI Hang feature. Slower, But wont freeze.
Reorganized menu items slightly
Various code optimizations

Faster yet again.
‘Show Hashes’ and ‘Check Blank Pass’ now off by default
Will periodically refresh GUI even when not showing hashes.
Now displays hash/sec – I get ~12000 hash/sec

Even faster hashing power.
Turn off ‘show hashes’ and ‘check blank pass’ for fastest.
Added ability to save output.
Added recovery duration to output
Display hashes now optional
Re-sized main form/controls slightly
Now in color.

Much faster hashing power. About 5khash/sec
Removed extra controls, Faster with new method.
Re sized main form accordingly
Added support for Blank password checking.

Fixed ‘Run Time Error 6′ in various scenarios
Output will not redisplay ‘Algo: MD5′ if last found was of same hash type.
Added BitCoin address

Added MD5(SHA1())
EXE now compressed with UPX (3.09w)
Decompress with upx.exe -d

Doubled hashing speed.
Now using 28 threads.
Re sized main form

Added Hashlist.txt support
Fixed some version labels
Re sized main form

Added MD4 1x thru 6x
Added MD5(MD4())
Added MD4(MD5())
More thorough Quit

First Release

Download VTSTech-32hex-048.rar
Download VTSTech-32hex.py-036.rar
Download VTSTech-40hex-001.rar