1CMD v0.0.4-r22


Added –iw to dnsrecon cmdline. Eliminates user prompt on wildcard
Added –log to wpscan cmdline, No need redirect output to file now.
Now attempts to mkdir $HOME/Scans for scan output
Scans now outputting to $HOME/Scans instead of relative dir.
Added WAF Fingerprint and more info probes (IMAP,NTP,JDWP,XMPP) to nmap
nmap XML output now using portable stylesheet


Added many new options
-wp Skip wpscan
-wg Skip wget
-s Skip sslscan
-u Skip urlscan
Script output now prefixed
[+] scanning
[-] skipping
[*] complete


Modified code flow slightly.
Output is now in XML where available.
Now accepts more parameters.
-d to skip dnsrecon
-n to skip nmap
Modified wpscan cmdline. Now scans for vuln themes/plugins and the first
20 users. Also using 2 threads.
Added additional wpscan for https


Updated wgetcmd
Added -t 4 max retries
Added –content-on-error

Can now specify nameserver
enabled dnsrecon by default
modified dnsrecon cmdline slightly
added -f to dnsrecon (filter brute force on wildcard)

Published to GitHub

# Version: 0.0.4-r22
# Operating System: Kali Linux
# Description: Bash script to run dnsrecon, nmap, sslscan, wpscan and then wget on index and urlscan on result. Output saved per tool/target.
# Author: Written by Veritas//VTSTech ([email protected])
# GitHub: https://github.com/Veritas83
# Homepage: www.VTS-Tech.org
# Dependencies: dnsrecon, nmap, sslscan, wpscan, urlscan, wget
# apt-get install dnsrecon nmap wget wpscan sslscan urlscan


Expects at least 1 parameter: domain,subdomain or ip.

Optional Parameters:

-d Skip dnsrecon
-n Skip nmap
-s Skip sslscan
-wp Skip wpscan
-wg Skip wget
-u Skip urlscan

specify nameserver on Line 25 (Default is
Default toggles for scans in config on Line 26-31

Download VTSTech-1CMD.sh